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POS Experts have a variety of POS Systems available which integrate with your company payment solutions. We enable small and medium-sized businesses to take advantage of advances in technology without having to incur the high cost which previously made these functions only available to large businesses.

We provide solutions and service that keep your business functioning and flowing. Making success a much easier hill to climb.

POS Hardware

We use POSI-FLEX commercial grade tablets which include contacts for cradles. They have strap-on batteries on the back which can be re-charged, reducing your costs to have a greater number of tablets licensed. (See below).

TABLETS: It’s more than you think

Tablets are gaining momentum in the restaurant world.
Restaurants have servers use tablets to facilitate the ease of taking orders and processing payments.

There are a number of popular tablets in use in restaurants.
Before you take the “tablet plunge”, POS Experts can help you think through some important questions.


How would you like your customer experience to improve? Think through what your customers experience is like now, and understand how switching to tablets can help improve it.


Will you be able to integrate data from the tablets into the rest of your data seamlessly? This is crucial for developing databases of customers and guests and ensuring you aren’t duplicating data.


Tablets have a shorter lifespan than large terminals. We can help you think through the strategy and costs over time for replacing tablets.


Another important consideration is how the use of tablets will impact your wireless networking capability. POS Experts can help you understand the ramifications to your wireless networking, and help you upgrade your wireless capability appropriately should you decide to pursue tablets.

At POS Experts, we can help you transition to tablets with the right strategy, the right
hardware, and the right software for your business.

Wireless Networking

Have you ever been in a restaurant where the credit/debit machine didn't get wifi at your table in the far corner?

Surveillance Systems

We can source and install surveillance systems for your business.

Paging Systems

If your business requires pagers, we can help you determine the best type for your needs.

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POS Experts can help you with all your Point of Sale needs.

POS Experts can help you with all your Point of Sale needs.

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